November 3 - November 10, 2018

Uncovering The 7 Critical Factors
to Starting and Growing a Successful Business

35 International speakers, experts and thought-leaders



Building and growing a successful business in this day and age is challenging.

People are confused and overwhelmed. The internet, social media, smartphones… The Digital Revolution has changed the world. Every industry, every job, every business, every life on the planet is affected.  

From our expert speakers you will get all the needed strategies, insights and fresh ideas to succeed.

  • Behind-the-curtain views into successful businesses, their strategies and tactics to show you how they work, why they work, and how you can follow their examples
  • Listen to Interviews, access tips and guides for everything from planning out Social Media, building a Marketing Strategy to powering up your Mindset
  • Proven strategies for Marketing and Sales without feeling “pushy” or spending a fortune
  • Get actionable insights to implement right away in your business for more Success

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35 experts, business owners and thought leaders from around the world have been handpicked to share with you their success secrets and give you actionable insights. No fluff. Pure value.

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The 7 Factors for a Successful & Profitable Business

7-Day Online Event to uncover all that you need to Start and Grow a Successful AND Profitable Business. Each day is dedicated to one success factor. 

  1. The right Mindset
  2. The right Niche
  3. The right Product
  4. The right Marketing
  5. The right Focus
  6. The right Actions
  7. The right people

We have saved You a FREE Ticket 

35 experts, business owners and thought leaders from around the world have been handpicked to share with you their success secrets and give you actionable insights.


Uncover with us the 7 Factor of Business Success

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You want to start or grow an existing business

You are overwhelmed and confused by too much information

You want systems and structures with clear action steps for your business

You want a clear vision and strategy

You are looking for work-life balance

You want to sell more products or services

You want to attract the perfect clients to you

Who is this for?


CEOs - leaders - decision makers - business owners - entrepreneurs  startups marketing executives - coaches - marketing consultants   agencies - students who want to acquire in demand skills

Why should you attend? 

It's time to see Business Success from New Perspectives

Forget what you know from traditional sit-in-and-listen conferences. No need to spend time and money traveling to an event like this.
With us, it's all about taking a step back and looking at business from new perspectives, collecting fresh ideas and developing actionable strategies to move your forward.

The Business Success Summit is a unique immersive and actionable online conference designed to help leaders catalyze ideas, strategies and paradigms to transform their business and win in a digital world.

For seven days, a diverse selected group of experts, success business leaders and influencers will embark with you in a journey filled with engaging discussions, sharing experiences and solving shared challenges with the goal to give you actionable insights that you can implement right away.

The Business Success Summit covers seven critical levels of holistic transformation that you need to know for a profitable, successful business. 



No Time Wasted

We won´t waste your time with pitches and promotions. You´ll find that the expert sessions are short, to the point, and focused on the step-by-step actions.

No Theory

The speakers share some of their own experiences and knowledge acquired over many years on how they grew their own businesses.

Selected Speakers

We spend months sourcing the right speakers for this summit. Only those with a proven track record of success and with a clear strategy to teach are invited to the lineup.

Hassle Free

It´s an all online conference. You can join from anywhere. No travel expenses, no hassle.

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"After watching the interviews I had my notebook filled with tips and ideas: from best practices for web-page design to more advance subjects like email marketing, hiring outsourcers, scheduling my time and even how to think….even considering writing more content and a book based on the tips given there. I am now implementing those as part of my updated marketing strategy and I am confident that my business will gain more clients, better branding and status because of what I am going to do now. Thanks Daniela and Tulia for making this happen. "

Sammy Gregorio
Data Analytics and Project Engineer

"I've just completed watching the interviews of the first 3 factors of success and I am already completely delighted with Daniela´s and Tulia´s interviews. They have interviewed excellent trainers, who present a vast amount of knowledge and experience. You should listen if you´re looking to progress your knowledge to benefit your business. I would highly recommend the Business Success Summit if you´re looking to learn from other professionals and experienced people. It is organised like training modules, making it easy to keep on watching and learning. A very worthwhile Summit!"

Valerie Drews
Director of Marketing and Digital Services

"I totally enjoyed it all, but my favourite was the Marketing training. All speakers are awesome and I got so much value out of it. For this price it´s a steal. Would recommend it to anyone who needs to know what to do online for the business. Learned more in 30 minutes watching an interview than in many courses or workshops. It helped me preparing the strategy, got new ideas about social media which I can use in my business now. "

Macarena Collado-Ruiz
HR Recruitment Expert


Our 35 carefully selected world class speakers will share strategies to start, grow and scale a profitable and successful business. Only valuable and relevant content that is proven to work!

Tulia Lopes

Speak Up!
Your voice is the success of your business. 

Janene Liston

Setting your price right. More than putting a number. 

Marcus Souto

Convert leads into paying customers - fast! 

Daniela Killus

The LinkedIn Client Acquisition System. 

Liz Cann

Winning in life and business. The blueprint for success of a professional athlete.

Jane Piper

Focus in the age of distraction. 

Lisa Dadd

The ONE business decision that will keep you busy and broken. 

Martin Daubney

Clear your head to get ahead. 

Martin Altherr

How to stop self-sabotage and drifting away from success.

Matt Boardman

Pitch Better. Sell More. How to create a story and pitch that wins clients every time. 

Bishop Stewart

Choosing the right niche for value, profits, and long term success. 

Pavlina Papalouka

Personal Branding to grow your business and 10x your income and sales. 

Sabine Van T Hart

How to energise yourself to rock your business. 

Shivangi Walke

Handling crucial conversations. 

Sonsoles Alonso

Building efficient and happy teams.

Monique Blokzyl

Crafting your impactful message. 

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Venetia Zannettis

Mindset - Program your Mind for Success in personal & business life.

Adriana Cecere

Simple strategies for success from an award winning consultant.

Samantha Justine

The secret sales funnel formula that nobody talks about... revealed! 

Deepak Shukla

SEO, Sales pipeline and getting to 20K per month.

Yeukai Kajidori

Basic steps to get started with outsourcing the right way. 

Michelle Hext

Consistent income. Building on ONE thing at a time 

Mindy Gibbens-Klein

How to write your BEST book in 90 days. 

Michael Alf

High performance in the digital age. 

Jacqueline Camacho

Business lessons, marketing tips and inspiring leadership.

Dave Hertig

Content marketing for CEO´s and marketers. 

Cathi Hargaden

Setup your environment for success in wealth, health, and relationships

Anna Gross

Change your mood to impact productivity

Vaida Ališauskaite

Discovering the right product. Reinventing and payment systems.

Yulia Stark

The power of feminine energy in business. 

Awin Tavakoli

Narrowing your niche for success.

Ariane Leanza-Heinz

How alignment contributes to success. 

Ana Cristina Kolb

Solving cross-cultural issues successfully

Melitta Campbell

How to stay motivated and focused on your goals. 

About The Hosts

Daniela and Tulia will be your hosts for the week interviewing the experts.
There will be online talks, interviews and insights to give you actionable strategies and tactics focused on your business success. Daniela and Tulia together, will be inspiring you, teaching and showing you how what others did and how every entrepreneur and business owner can achieve success and have fun doing it.

Daniela Killus

leading Digital Marketing Strategist with 12 years experience. She has a reputation for marketing businesses in such a way that is conducive to boosting Sales and Profits using Modern Marketing Strategies. Daniela operates her own marketing consulting business, through which she has served hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs around the world to create a successful Online Business.

Since 2016, Daniela is invited to the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, where she serves as an advisor to business leaders in matters of Digital Marketing success. Daniela has been also named an Advisor for the Blockchain Research Institute Canada (BRI) for its base in Europe.

Tulia Lopes

Europe’s Leading Communication, Stage Presence and Leadership Expert. Tulia is the founder of The AWE Summit (a yearly conference taking place in Zurich, Barcelona, Munich and Porto), author of the book Leading in High Heels and creator of the Speak Up & Lead Academy.

She started her career as an architect and designer, had leading roles in IT and later moved into creating her own businesses. Her vast experience and passion for public speaking lead her to become an international paid speaker. Tulia now helps other women to stand out, speak up and lead using her Communication, Stage Presence and Leadership Training.

Together we have a mission:

To help individuals and companies to be more successful, regardless of whether they are advanced or just starting out.

We want to bring to you selected inspiring and successful entrepreneurs and business experts to extract their top tactics and strategies. We want to walk you through their processes step by step. No fluff. No gimmicks. No sales pitches. No complicated procedures. Just actionable strategies so you can implement them straight into your business and get results quickly.

Our Business Success Summit was created in response to our experience talking and working with hundreds of consulting, coaching and mentoring clients all around the world.

Would you like to discover the winning strategies and tools top business leaders are using to have a profitable and successful business?

Then this summit is for you.

REGISTER NOW for YOUR FREE PASS and we´ll see you there!

- Daniela & Tulia



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This Free offer is only valid for a limited time.

Uncover with us the 7 Factor of Business Success

30 experts, business owners and thought leaders from around the world have been handpicked to share with you their success secrets.

No fluff. Pure value.